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Artist Profiles

Rocky Jones 

Rocky has been getting attention with his drawings since kindergarten, when it was noticed that his portrait of his teacher's husband included a puzzlingly astute level of insight into facial anatomy for an almost five year old. His favorite drawing medium is ink on white paper. His major area of study in college was photography, studying at Maryland Institute College of Art for a year before deciding that there was a community college with a better learning opportunity. Art school did, however, make him feel that, if only for a year, he was living among the creatures most resembling those of his home planet, wherever that is.

Artist's Statement:

The seeking and perhaps finding the biggest secrets of life, of consciousness, the attempt to hammer a hole in the outer wall of the Universe to look through, perhaps step through in defiance of the forces that might be rushing in or rushing out; these pursuits and the psychonautic warriors who engage in them inspire my art. I am a coward by comparison. My image-making is driven by the lore and symbolism of esoteric and occult philosophy; the flavors of chaos magic, crowleyan magick, demonology, alchemy, hoodoo, and the spirit world; and the aesthetics and ideas of weirdos like Robert Anton Wilson, Philip K Dick, Terrence Mckenna, Aleister Crowley, HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, the Ancient Gnostics, Wilhelm Reich, Jack Parsons, Pythagoras, the Masons, John Dee, Charles Fort, Eliphas Levi, Jim Morrison, Madame Helena Blavatsky, Cornelius Agrippa, John Keel, Emily Dickinson, Buckminster Fuller, Mike Clelland, Nina Hagen, Richard Shaver. Fragmented, for sure, is my education on these odd creatures, as the neurological befuddlement of Attention Deficit Disorder and Dyslexia have always left incomplete my book-learnin' on any topic. I wonder if some of the things I come up with are influenced by the phenomena of sleep-states and dreams, and their retooling of reality. Or whatever! Right? I don't know why or how I come up with the images I create.

Rocky Jones